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Accelerate your Tier 1 applications with X-IO’s family of Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) systems for unmatched performance, nearly unlimited scalability and easier manageability -- AND -- reduce your operating cost due to substantially lower electrical demand and much lower heat generation plus a small footprint for significantly lower space requirements.


Too often a company’s financial performance is limited by factors directly related to datacenter challenges such as applications growing slower as the storage infrastructure grows full, power and space requirements reaching points beyond availability and systems management requiring increases in staffing.


X-IO’s storage solutions solve many of today’s datacenter and cloud architecture pain points with:


  •  Nearly Limitless Expandability
  • Balanced performance with capacity
  •  Lower Power Consumption
  •  Scales to enterprise-sized systems
  • High-Performance Storage
  • Full use of purchased capacity
  • Configuration Flexibility
  • Linear scaling performance
  • Long-Life Technology
  • Centralized management
  • High Availability
  • High Reliability
  • Self healing in-place
  • High Efficiency No-touch maintenance
  • 3 Unit Form Factor
  • Full redundancy in each ISE unit
  • HDD and HDD/SSD
  • Rugged supercapacitor cache backup
  • Ease of Management
  • Free continuous phone home support


X-IO provides world-class engineering and world-wide post-sale services designed to ensure maximum system uptime and performance. X-IO truly delivers a best-in-class product and stands by this claim by including an industry leading 5-year hardware warranty.


On any scale from a single ISE to an enterprise scale, X-IO is the innovative and affordable solution for today’s datacenter.


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