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SMART Product Accessories

Deliver more from SMART's interactive displays with accessories that increase flexibility and enhance functionality.

  Floor stands and wall mounts. Experience more versatile collaboration by moving the interactive whiteboard or display around the meeting room or into different workspaces. With SMART's selection of floor stands and wall mounts, the user can adjust the position of the interactive whiteboard to accommodate people of different heights.
  Speakers. Enhance the meeting room experience with USB speakers from SMART. SMART speakers distribute audio in rooms up to 1,000 sq. ft. (93 m2), allowing for high-quality sound from a variety of multimedia sources.
  Connectors and extenders. Get more installation options for the SMART Board interactive whiteboard with a selection of connectors and extenders. Quickly and easily increase the distance between the interactive whiteboard and computer by up to 120 ft. (37 m).


Chris Apthorpe

Vendor Business Manager