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SMART Podium™ Interactive Pen Display

SMART Podium display makes the presentation experience interactive and engaging. Users can interact with digital content and write on the pen display’s surface while projecting the content onto a large screen or SMART Board® interactive display.

  Widescreen display. A 16:9 widescreen resolution and flexible scaling options enable the user to display and manipulate high-definition visuals.
  Illuminated console buttons. Access common functions, such as the eraser and mouse, open SMART Meeting Pro™ software and launch the On-Screen Keyboard. The buttons illuminate in low light for easy viewing.
  High-speed USB 2.0 ports. Easily connect multimedia devices to the 3 accessible ports.
  Elegant, user-friendly design. The sleek profile and slim bezel complement any workspace. Users can conveniently control their computer from the display and comfortably write over any application with the battery-free tethered pen. The smooth tilt stand adjusts the pen display so it's easier to make notes


Chris Apthorpe

Vendor Business Manager