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SMART Bridgit® Conferencing Software

Collaborate face-to-face with more people in more places with SMART Bridgit conferencing software. This remote collaboration solution allows meeting participants to share video, audio and digital ink annotations, enabling team members anywhere to collaborate together as if they are in the same room. The latest version supports up to 9 webcam video streams, making it easy to hold meetings that are visually engaging, dynamic and interactive.

  Write over shared desktops. Participants can share their desktops and write digital notes on shared content in real time.
  Intuitive toolbar. -Access audio and video controls, participant lists and presentation tools.
  Webcam support. View high-quality video streams from up to 9 locations simultaneously. • One-touch options. Access features and tools with a click of a button. Invite participants, share a desktop and select the pen tool.
  Chat function. Communicate with participants through integrated text messaging, without disturbing other participants.
  Contribute from an iPad. Download the SMART Bridgit® for iPad App to participate in meetings using an iPad. The app supports iOS6.1.2. First-generation iPads are also supported with iOS5.1.1.


Chris Apthorpe

Vendor Business Manager