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SMART Board™ 800 Series Interactive Whiteboard System

Transform team collaboration with an interactive whiteboard system that makes it easy for people to work together and interact with files and applications. The 800 series offers a natural touch and writing experience, making it a great choice for every collaboration environment.

  Bright ultra-short-throw projector. The SMART UX80 projector is high-definition and virtually eliminates distracting shadows and glare. It also offers 720p resolution and 3300 lumens, ensuring images are crisp and bright.
  Touch gestures. Zoom, flick and rotate objects easily. The 800 series supports gestures like those used in the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system.
  Multi-tool, multi-touch. Two people can interact with content simultaneously, using touch gestures to write and manipulate content, or simply picking up a pen or eraser.
  SMART Meeting Pro™ 4.0 software. This powerful software enables collaboration in the 4th dimension by interacting with digital content. Users can also work in a virtually unlimited collaboration workspace that makes it easy to interact with large amounts of visual data without getting lost.
  SMART Ink™ 1.5. SMART Ink automatically enables users to write in any application window.
  GoWire™ auto-launch cable accessory (included). GoWire allows any computer to quickly connect to the display and access SMART Meeting Pro software. It is also included with SMART Meeting Pro PE (Personal Edition) software.


Chris Apthorpe

Vendor Business Manager