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Radware Reseller Advantage Program

The Radware Reseller Advantage

For more than 5000 enterprises and carriers in 40 countries around the world, we assure the full availability, maximum performance and complete security of their business-critical applications. Our resellers benefit from the initial sale of Radware® products and support, but also enjoy recurring revenue by building ongoing professional and managed services upon the initial hardware sale. As the global leader in integrated application delivery solutions, we


  Offer differentiated solutions for your customers
  Present you with new revenue opportunities
  Help you sell into new and existing accounts
  Increase your profitability and market reach
  Support your sales efforts before, during and after a sale


Join now and become a member of our partner program. By teaming with an innovative market leader, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you are offering the best products and resources for your customers' Layer 4-7 application needs.

Our Products

Enhance the solutions you are already selling. Our product line is a natural fit with the other networking, security and connectivity products you already offer, and is an ideal match for the networked business applications you sell and support.


In today’s hottest technology markets (application networking, application optimization and application security), our integrated products are located at each critical network juncture for the cost-effective and complete operation of web and application servers, firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection systems, ISP links, anti-virus gateways and cache servers. We have


The only solution capable of addressing all IP application needs across network Layers 4-7


Received ISO 9001:2000 for our Quality Management System


Products offering gigabit speed processing and service breadth to deliver complete application reliability, best performance and cost-effective networking


Solutions that have been (and continue to be) tested and certified by leading analysts and labs, including Miercom and Tolly


Revenue Opportunities

In a highly competitive market with ever-thinning margins, you know it is getting more and more difficult to continue building business. Driving revenue requires innovative thinking, creative programs and a true partnership to assure a successful go-to-market strategy that drives in business. Our partner program offers


  Competitive discount rates to ensure strong margins
  Opportunities with new customers and the chance to expand offerings to your existing base
  Ongoing revenue from post-sales professional and managed services and consulting, as well as revenue from product sales
  A product migration path promoting expansion and upgrades, creating lifetime customer opportunities


Residual Income through Support Contract Renewal
Our Certainty Support programs provide your customer with technical, maintenance, hardware and software support. Renewing their annual contract provides you with a strong foundation for building a lucrative, recurring revenue stream. Our dedicated Renewal Team helps you close those renewal opportunities by alerting you to upcoming Certainty Support contract renewal opportunities. They are available to help you prepare price quotes for customers and they provide full conference call support to finalise the deal. 

Your Radware Sales Team


  Benefit from a focused team that’s committed to grow your business with Radware solutions.
  Your Channel Development Manager (CDM) is your primary point of contact, dedicated to supporting your relationship with Radware.
  Your Radware Sales Team is ready to assist you in developing your existing customers and nurturing new opportunities.
  Our Inside Sales Team will help you qualify leads, run product demonstrations and customer calls, answer technical questions, coordinate SE support, develop special pricing and close deals.


Our Sales Engineers (SEs) provide in-depth expertise to handle both pre-sales technical issues and post-sales implementation questions.


  Sales Support is available to help you register your opportunities, develop quotes and process orders.


Marketing Programs

When focused on selling and servicing your customers, it is difficult to dedicate time, money and resources to marketing. Radware has ready-to-run marketing programs with everything you need to run your own marketing programs.


  Complete turnkey lead generation programs
  Co-branded sales events
  Strong tradeshow presence at local, national and international events
  Online and print advertising campaigns to build the brand recognition that opens doors for you


Read more about our Marketing tools for resellers.

Technical Support

Selling and supporting complex technical products can be challenging unless you have the right people, expertise and tools to help you. We provide our resellers with everything they need from answering simple technical questions to engineering the right solution for their customers. As a member of the partner program, you’ll receive


  Dedicated sales engineers to provide pre-sales and implementation support
  Answers for post-sales support questions, available 24×7 by phone, email or web by contacting our Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  Access to our technical database, The Knowledge Base, to assist you in diagnosing installation, configuration and management issues
  Protection against the latest application security threats, safeguarding your customers’ applications, networks and users. Receive immediate and ongoing security filter updates for you and your customers via our Security Update Service.


Not for Resale (NFR) Program
Give your sales and engineering staff the hands-on experience they need: Our Not for Resale (NFR) demonstration and evaluation offers specially configured equipment for in-depth testing and evaluation, as well as for real-world demonstrations to your customers. As an added benefit, you can resell the unit after your testing is complete.


Read more about our Technical Support for resellers.


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