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Why sell Radware to my customers?
What else can I sell with Radware?
What are the Primary Solutions to sell?
Who are our Customers?
How do we Target Potential Customers?



Why sell Radware to my customers?


  Radware has a range of products and solutions that are applicable in almost every customer environment – your customers have a need you can address.
  Radware allows you to revisit existing customers for incremental sales opportunities, or to target new opportunities outside of your installed base.
  Radware business can represent incremental revenues or new business with high margins.
  Radware technologies are still emerging technologies (as opposed to commodity products such as L2/L3 switching). Customers want to be educated on how you can help them leverage this new technology to improve their business. You can become your customers trusted advisor.
  IAS deployments often experience “viral growth”. Small, or tentative initial deployments often develop into much larger and ongoing solutions once customers pass through an initial learning/ comfort/ success/ enlightenment cycle.

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What Else can I Sell with Radware?


The opportunities to sell your own additional product/ services sales alongside Radware is only limited to your customers needs, budget, and your particular focus on products, services, sales and delivery. Of course, Radware can be sold as stand-alone solutions, or as part of a much larger solution. Examples include:


  Maintenance and support
  Architecture and Design services
  Rolled into other applications/ server deployment/ upgrade projects
  Integration and Application Development/ customization
  Project management and implementation

NOTE: Radware “Certainty” maintenance should be sold with every Radware product.

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What are the Primary Solutions to Sell?


  Hosting/ server load balancing solutions – WSD
  Hosting/ server load balancing solutions with SSL acceleration/ compression – WSD + CT100
  Security/ Intrusion Detection/ Prevention – DefensePro (or add SynApps licenses to other Radware switch products)
  Low-cost branch network redundancy, QoS and bandwidth augmentation – LinkProof Branch
  Disaster recovery/ multi-site load balancing – WSD/DS or WSD/NP
  Many others…
  Never sell one unit when you can sell two or more! Think BIG!
  Never sell one unit when you can sell two or more! Think BIG!
  Never sell one unit when you can sell two or more! Think BIG!

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Who are our Customers?


Radware's integrated Application Security, Application Infrastructure and End-to-End Connectivity solutions are deployed by over 2,500 enterprises and carriers worldwide.

Radware is well placed in both the local and global markets. We have mature, proven, and referenceable solutions in use in some of the worlds leading organizations.

In Australia, we have a number of premium customers across a diverse range of industry verticals including Banking and Finance, Government, Gaming, Transport, and eCommerce. Below are some examples.

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Opportunity, Pain, Budget, Timeframe!


The "ideal" Radware customer profile includes the following attributes:


  Is deploying or upgrading online applications. Examples include web-enabled or IP-based applications, email, internal/ external portals, BPM, CRM, ERP, EAI applications, logistics/ warehousing systems, ordering systems, billing systems, online banking/ trading, etc.
  Is dependant on the availability and performance of online systems? They experience significant financial impacts (or lost productivity) if their systems are not available.
  Is looking for cleaner, simpler solutions for site diversity, and diversity of carrier/ service provider links into both remote offices and main sites. Looking to optimize the efficiency of multiple links into main and remote sites.
  Has a need for simpler, more effective DRP/ BCP systems. Ideally, has identified the need for DRP/ BCP, but has no systems in place. Is interested in the concept of having the ability to readily and seamlessly failover to an alternate processing site, or to have multiple, concurrent/ load sharing sites.
  Is conscious of, or has been directed to implement or upgrade security systems such as firewalls, IDS, or IDP systems.
  Looking for best-in-class facilities to ease application infrastructure upgrades, scalability and to enhance performance and security.
  Has budget, or can readily identify cost savings and/or impact reduction through implementing an Intelligent Application Switching/ Security solution.
  Is in the early days of considering approaches to problems or expansion plans. Has not already committed to other solutions/ vendors, particularly in the recent past.
  Has a near-term requirement for a solution, and identified budget and decision makers.


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