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As companies continue to pursue business-oriented IT strategies that shift the primary objectives of IT organization from keeping their IT infrastructure up and running to advancing and contributing to the business, IT organizations are being forced to meet service level agreements (SLAs), comply with regulatory requirements and enable fast development and deployment of new services for business agility — all at lower cost for improved ROI.


For more than a decade, Radware has been evolving its application delivery products to address the broad range of technical and business challenges associated with optimizing the delivery of applications over IP networks. We have worked together with customers and technology partners to develop products that solve a host of complex application and data center problems.


The evolution of Radware’s application delivery offering from point solutions for load balancing and intelligent (application-aware) traffic management, to an architectural approach for application-smart (application-fluent) networking specifically addresses these major challenges.


Radware’s unified application delivery solution brings together the application intelligence and processing power required to make networks adaptive and responsive to dynamic IT and business needs. The core technologies that make up our application delivery offering include:


  SIP Director
  LinkProof Branch
  Content Inspection Director


Application and Network Security

Application-level attacks pose a serious threat to mission-critical business operations. Financially, the application downtime and lost productivity caused by the increasing number of application-level vulnerabilities and frequency of attacks is constantly increasing.


This year, network downtime caused by security attacks is already costing large enterprises more than $30 million a year.


More than half of security-related downtime cost is due to service degradation, not outright outages. Much of it is considered “hidden downtime,” since service degradation often goes unreported.


Large organizations are hit mainly by Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and server malware. Existing network security solutions, including firewalls, were not designed to handle network and application layer attacks like these:


  DoS and DDoS flood attacks
  Scanning and pre-attack probes
  Scanning and pre-attack probes
  Trojan horses
  Self-propagating Worms and other malware


Existing solutions won’t detect the threat, let alone protect against it, leaving organizations completely exposed. A solution is needed that blocks attacks before they get anywhere near the application level.




Real-time Intelligence

Organizations today rely on the World Wide Web to deliver complex web applications running critical software applications on distributed hardware platforms. These vital applications provide companies with opportunities to improve their revenue streams with


  Enhanced customer awareness
  Improved business processes
  Faster response times to customer needs


But this can only happen if businesses can capture and use this critical online transactional information. In short, this intelligence can drive the real-time enterprise and deliver an improved customer experience.




Centralizing Device Management

Deploying and managing a globally distributed application delivery network can be particularly complicated. Operating costs of multiple network devices must be minimized, changes must be deployed in a consistent manner and the performance of the application delivery infrastructure must be measured.


To ensure success, network administrators have ongoing and time-consuming responsibilities including configuration and certificate management, software updates and policy control. They also have the added responsibility for any inaccuracies associated with those changes.


IT staffs require tools to enable early detection of network problems and then quickly alert personnel of those issues that need attention. The key to minimizing impact is to restore operations quickly.


  Insite ManagePro
  Application Performance Monitoring


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