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Network Products

Polycom offers network infrastructure products that support a scheduled or on demand conferencing environment. From small to large networks, organizations can design a solution from the portfolio of Polycom products that fit its multipoint conferencing and video network management needs and requirements.

Conferencing Platforms

Polycom provides a range of multipoint audio and video conference bridges which are purpose-built to meet the differing needs of organizations - from IP only, on-demand conferencing environments right up to large, complex and highly secure conferencing networks.


Conference Management & Scheduling

Polycom offers a range of conference network management and scheduling solutions, including stand-alone gatekeeper, video device management, and scheduling software.

Polycom now also offers the new ReadiManager SE200, a centralized IP video management solution that provides simplified deployment, on-going maintenance, conference management and reporting, gatekeeping functions and remote endpoint management - in a single network appliance.


Video Recording, Streaming and Content Management Solutions

Polycom Recording, Streaming, and Content Management solutions enable organizations to seamlessly enlist video communications to improve enterprise collaboration. By leveraging existing videoconference endpoints and network infrastructures, organizations can cost-effectively utilize, control, and track this increasingly vital enterprise asset.


Security - Firewall Traversal

Expand your IP video conferencing network and connect to anyone, anywhere without worrying about inter-company firewall issues. Polycom's V2iU NAT/Firewall traversal solution is a cost effective approach that replaces or works in conjunction with your existing firewall, by providing a trusted route through any corporate firewall. The V2iU also optimizes video quality by prioritizing video traffic over data traffic, providing both shortest path routing and traffic shaping. Polycom



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