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Juniper J-series Routers, consisting of the J2300, J2320, J2350, J4350 and J6350, offer predictable high performance and a variety of flexible interfaces that deliver secure, reliable network connectivity to remote, branch and regional offices. The J2320, J2350, J4350 and J6350 are Avaya voice-ready and all models run modular JUNOS software, which offers many advanced services (MPLS, IPv6, QoS, multicast, etc) and security (stateful firewall and IPSec VPN), delivering high levels of security, uptime and performance at reduced operational costs. The J-series offers the performance headroom and extensible memory to meet future demands, providing unmatched reliability, investment protection and value for the enterprise.



Key features and benefits of the J-series routers include the following:


Unmatched performance with services enabled (Firewall, NAT, IPSec, etc.)


Four on-board GigE ports and expandable WAN and LAN interfaces via modules (including GigE) on J2320, J2350, J4350 and J6350


Comprehensive range of interfaces supporting Serial, T1/E1, FE, DS3/E3, ISDN, ADSL2/2+, G.SHDSL and Gigabit Ethernet


A full, rich set of IPv4/IPv6 features and routing protocols combined with the broadest MPLS features available


J2320, J2350, J4350 and J6350 are Avaya voice ready


Wide array of Layer 2 access protocols including Frame Relay, Ethernet and PPP/HDLC


Rich and granular QoS and instrumentation for prioritizing mission-critical traffic such as voice


Network Address Translation (NAT), Stateful firewall, IPSec and J-Flow accounting


Single JUNOS image regardless of features activated, thus reducing operational cost and complexity



With the JUNOS operating system, the Juniper Networks J-series routers deliver the following benefits to the enterprise:


Security - Juniper Networks delivers the most advanced set of mechanisms for fully protecting routers from outside threats. The J-series routers give network staff complete control even while under attack, with the console port always available to add new filters and policies with just a few fast and simple steps.


High uptime - The modular and fault-protected software design of the JUNOS operating system delivers high levels of resiliency and stability in the J-series routers. Unlike traditional routers, which any small bug can quickly spread into a larger problem, each software module in the JUNOS operating system runs independently and cannot impact other areas. Other resiliency features include next-generation CLI for accurate configuration, and a rescue button for fast system recovery.


Predictable performance - The J-series routers maintain high levels of QoS control and throughput when needed for the most demanding periods of network congestion. Modular software architectures are essential for the sorting and scheduling of traffic to ensure that the most important applications have first priority with networking resources.


Unmatched value - No licensing fees are required for advanced services such as IPv6, MPLS, IPSec and stateful firewall. No port licenses are required to operate onboard or modular interfaces.


Voice Support

Juniper J2320, J2350 J4350 and J6350 routers support Avaya's IG550 Media Gateway–a set of plug-in modules that offers media gateway capabilities and a variety of traditional telephony interfaces for analog, digital and ISDN trunks, as well as analog and IP stations. The IG550 Media Gateway works with the Avaya S8400, S8500 and S8720 Media Servers running Avaya Communications Manager 4.0 to extend rich communications applications transparently to the branch from centralized locations. The IG550 media gateway also offers customers protection from business critical communications interruptions at the branch by offering a range of survivability options, enabling increased availability under a variety of network conditions up to and including complete loss of WAN connectivity. 

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