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J-Partner Program

Rewarding You for the Value You Deliver
Juniper's award-winning J-Partner program arms you with the technology specialization needed to differentiate your business and compete successfully. If you strive to be a strategic, value-add partner to your customers and capture new market opportunities, there is no better program for the integration of high-performance networking solutions. Every aspect of the J-Partner program is designed to recognize and reward you for the value you add.

Juniper's J-Partner Program encompasses:


Healthy Product Margins, Real-World Solutions – Because Juniper is not over-distributed our partners generally make double the margins selling Juniper over competitive products. 

Juniper Embraces a True "Partner First" Mentality – We know that a VAR is a trusted advisor to an end-customer and "the brand" that the customer buys. Juniper focuses on empowering partners to use their value-add capabilities – supported by Juniper – to deliver solutions, services, and consulting to their customers.


Teaming, Not Competing, In Sales Opportunities – 100% of Juniper's Australian enterprise business is transacted via the channel, Juniper adheres to clear rules of engagement and has adopted best practices on how to partner with the channel.


Juniper Doesn’t Compete with Partners for Services Revenue – Unlike some of its competitors, Juniper does not compete with its partners for services revenue. We provide our partners with a world-class portfolio of services, products, programs and resources to make their business as profitable as possible.


Value-based Program Benefits –The J-Partner program offers a variety of promotions and programs to help add margin and value to our partners' business. They can earn points towards merchandise or training with our J-Rewards Incentive Program, and get additional points on each deal with our Opportunity Registration Program. And only our partners can win new business with our Demo Product Purchase Program, and enjoy very aggressive pricing on 'not-for-resale' demo equipment with discounts of up to 70% off our global list price for equipment and service.


Juniper's J-Partner Program encompasses:




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