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Partner with Intel Security to deliver best-in-class, optimised security solutions to your customers. As an Intel Security partner, you will gain from the experience and expertise of McAfee with the innovation and proven performance of Intel. Intel Security are building a safe, secure digital world with products that seamlessly integrate security to protect every layer of computing—from the chip to the cloud.

Intel Security's program is designed for flexibility to meet the needs of your growing business. As you invest more in the relationship through training and certification, you reap greater rewards and increased commitment from Intel Security.

  • Solution Providers: Solution Providers are reseller partners who offer one or more areas of expertise in Intel Security-based solutions. As a Solution Provider, you can tailor the program to your interests and business needs. For example, you might take a sales approach or a technical go-to-market approach, with technology support, implementation, and/or services as a focus.
  • Silver Partners: As an entry-level program participant, Silver Partners have the option of completing the solution competency curriculum to become authorised and transact more complex technologies. Members at this level have access to baseline profitability programs as well as full access to the Intel Security Partner Portal for a range of online resources.
  • Gold Partners: Through investments in skills, competencies, and revenue growth, Gold Partners ensure that customers receive high-quality solutions and services. Participation at this level provides access to an extended level of benefits.
  • Platinum Partners: This is the highest level attainable, and it is achieved through a demonstrated commitment to customer satisfaction, competency, and revenue growth. These partners have the proven solution and services capabilities to manage the largest and most complex security deployments. As a result, Platinum Partners receive the highest level of benefits as well as the option to achieve a Support Provider Specialization.
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