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Westcon-Comstor Online Demo Facility for F5

It’s always easier to sell a solution when your customer can “see” it in action — try before you buy. When you utilize Westcon-Comstor Virtual Labs, there is no need to spend valuable time traveling to set up an onsite demo for a prospect or customer. 

With just a few keystrokes, you now have everything you need at your fingertips for a quick and effective online demonstration. 

Westcon-Comstor Virtual Labs provides you and your customers with in-depth, “hands-on demos” to better evaluate selected security solutions. You’ll become comfortable with selected products and solutions, as well as discover questions before a customer joins, so you will be able to easily explain the value of the solution. Demos can be led by an authorized Westcon-Comstor reseller or a Westcon-Comstor engineer. 

How can Westcon-Comstor Virtual Labs benefit your business?


This hosted environment provides you with on-demand capabilities delivered via the Internet.
Westcon-Comstor experienced technicians can help you take a first look at selected solutions, providing you with the ability to do your own “hands-on” testing or easily demonstrate solutions to your customer virtually.
We provide the ability to support geographically-dispersed customers, enabling significant cost savings associated with travel and productivity.
Westcon-Comstor Virtual Labs demos are offered at no cost to approved Westcon resellers.
  Westcon-Comstor Virtual Labs demos enable the Partner to provide proof of concepts to unlimited end users
There’s no substitute for real experience. Westcon-Comstor Virtual Labs enable users to go beyond a static demonstration or simulation. This tool allows you to experiment and to make mistakes working with live equipment, allowing you to master hardware and software skills in a remote environment. 

Schedule one of our certified Westcon-Comstor engineers to take you through a detailed virtual tour and test drive the key features of the solutions you want to evaluate with your customers. 

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Chris Apthorpe

Vendor Business Manager