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TMOS Platform

A unified software platform that is unique in the industry.


TMOS is a universal, shared product platform that is the foundation for F5 products. No single competing technology can solve such a wide variety of application-delivery problems over a network.


We designed TMOS from the ground up to make networks "application-aware" and to let F5 products communicate with each other. This allows for intelligent control of your network -- and that ensures your applications are delivered exactly as intended, protected from security threats, traffic congestion, and network failures.


F5 products built on TMOS also offer unusual flexibility through an open API. Applications can instruct TMOS-based devices to control traffic flow and maximize performance using the iControlAPI. Network professionals can gain extremely granular control over any traffic going through F5 devices using iRules.


This adaptability allows TMOS to automatically adjust to network conditions and business policies, giving you an otherwise impossible level of control. At the same time, TMOS accommodates changes in network demands and expedites easy adoption of evolving application requirements -- including new software modules for emerging technologies such as XML and VoIP.


Chris Apthorpe

Vendor Business Manager