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Open APIs

Flexibility you can't find anywhere else.


Not only is every network unique, but security threats and application requirements are constantly evolving, putting different demands on that network. A single-purpose solution that works today might not work tomorrow.

That's why F5 uses an open API to give application developers and network professionals complete control over F5 devices, making them extremely scalable and adaptable.


Are you an application developer?


F5 provides a software development kit and a well-documented iControl API, so you can give your software the ability to control its own application traffic. Using the iControl API, application programmers have devised solutions that:

  • Bring new servers online and offline dynamically, as needed
  • Give priority to critical traffic during sudden traffic bursts
  • Filter out unwanted traffic
  • Distribute software updates to individual servers without impacting overall service
  • Manage total delivery of all applications from a single console


MicrosoftOracle, and other organizations have already partnered with F5 to use the iControl API to make their enterprise applications "network aware."

Learn more about how enterprises are using the iControl API in our Solutions section.


Are you a network professional?


F5 can help you solve your organization's unique application-delivery challenges with the iRulescontrol language. iRules represent a revolutionary approach to intercepting, parsing, modifying, and routing application traffic, making our devices extraordinarily flexible.


An iRules script gives direct control over the TMOS Universal Inspection Engine, so you can augment or override the functions built into an F5 device. Using iRules, network professionals have been able to:

  • Deter newly discovered security threats
  • Halt phishing attacks
  • Stop spam e-mail
  • Route traffic to specific servers, based on packet content


The iControl API and iRules have inspired a free, thriving online community called DevCentral, where tens of thousands of users discuss and share their iRules, receive Tech Tips and advice, and find new ways to accelerate productivity and innovation.


Chris Apthorpe

Vendor Business Manager