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Data Management Operating System

The first scalable, intelligent file virtualization OS

The Data Management Operating System is at the core of our intelligent file virtualization solutions. This reliable, scalable software can help you manage unstructured file data more efficiently, by automating storage management tasks and eliminating the disruptions associated with those tasks.


Data Management software also eliminates "vendor lock-in," so you can choose the storage technology you need based on business and IT requirements.


Simplify file access with file virtualization

File virtualization creates a logical, virtual representation of your storage environment, which eliminates the rigid mapping between clients and physical file location.


This virtualized environment enables simple logical access to physical file systems while hiding storage changes from clients. Data Management software does not introduce a new file system, but acts as a proxy to federate the file systems that are already in place on the underlying storage layer. The software uses industry-standard access protocols--NFS and CIFS--to communicate with both the clients accessing files and the storage servers providing them.


Simplify storage management with automated policies

The Data Management Operating System enables IT organizations to automate and enforce data management policies in real time. Operations that were once done manually can now be performed automatically, without disruption to users and applications. This significantly extends the value of existing storage investments and enhances business workflow in four key areas:



Chris Apthorpe

Vendor Business Manager