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Simplify and Secure Access for Remote Workers


Providing application access to mobile workers can be challenging. Remote workers want to connect from everywhere: homes, airports, hotel rooms, coffee shops, and vehicles. They don't want to go through a difficult process to connect -- but their IT departments don't want infected laptops and mobile devices logged directly into the corporate network.


The FirePass SSL VPN provides both security and ease of use. It grants access to corporate applications using a technology that everyone understands: a Web browser. Users can have secure access from anywhere they have an Internet connection, while FirePass ensures that connected computers are fully patched and protected.


Secure Mobile Access Using Mainstream Technology

SSL VPN is overtaking IPSec as the standard for secure remote access to corporate applications. This shift in standards combined with the increasing use of mobile devices to access corporate application resources is putting more emphasis on the need for secure remote access control policies. SSL VPN can help ensure that client user logon and access privileges are defined and controlled by corporate access policies.


Secure Remote Access Across a Wide Variety of Applications and Devices

FirePass provides robust, secure SSL VPN remote access to business applications from a wide range of client devices, including Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. Using full-tunnel SSL technology and client access policies defined by system administrators, remote clients can log on to corporate business applications under pre-defined access permissions and client directory control.


Simple, Secure, and Cost-effective Access -- from Any Location for Any User to Any Application

FirePass offloads server-based security processes and access controls to free up valuable server cycles, while clustered scalability and availability features support thousands of concurrent users and failover services. FirePass can also run virus checks prior to user logon and set defined access controls to the client device during logon, to ensure secure access compliance. Group Policy Enforcement allows administrators to require non-corporate devices to comply with company policies. Non-compliant clients can be quarantined and passed to DMZ management processes for compliance updating. FirePass also supports Application Ready Access, providing full reverse-proxy services for market-leading application portals including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and others.



Chris Apthorpe

Vendor Business Manager