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F5 Data Manager

Easily deploy, manage, and optimize virtualized storage environments


As the volume of file data increases rapidly, so does the cost and effort of managing that data. Storage infrastructures are complex and inflexible, making it more difficult than ever for IT teams to access, move and manage data without disrupting users or business operations. For relief, many organizations are turning to file virtualization solutions.

F5 Data Manager enables you to reap the full benefits of this technology by simplifying deployment of file virtualization solutions, improving ongoing management and creating a more efficient and cost-effective storage environment. With Data Manager you can quickly identify areas within your file storage resources that could be improved by file virtualization and monitor multiple resources with a centralized, extensible storage management platform.

Create a Smarter Storage Strategy

Data Manager auto-discovers key attributes about your heterogeneous file storage environment, such as volumes, shares, exports, security settings, file system settings, and more. Then, add your choice of add-on software modules:

    • File System Inventory
      Get a detailed look into the file data environment, including which file types are being created, who's creating them, how quickly they age, and which resources they consume. Rich data profiling capabilities and powerful reporting tools enable you to identify trends in your file data, create effective file management policies, and make better decisions for your file storage environment.

  • Configuration Assistant
    Accelerate the deployment of F5 ARX file virtualization solutions and minimize deployment errors. The Configuration Assistant module automatically generates file server inventory reports and a simplified workflow that configures an ARX device to virtualize your NAS and file server environment. This significantly reduces file virtualization deployment time and puts your file virtualization deployment on the fast track.


Chris Apthorpe

Vendor Business Manager