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Check Point on demand webinars are a great way to keep up to date on the topics of your interest, without having to attend live meetings. Learn how to choose the best products, defend against security attacks and understand compliance, all on your own time!

Our most popular webinars are:

How to Choose the Best Next Generation Firewall
You've been hearing the "Next Generation Firewall" term for a while now – but what does it really mean? Learn what defines a NGFW and what key things you should consider when making your solution selection. The discussion will also cover management and performance challenges that can arise when all "NGFW" security functions are enabled.
Consolidation: Your Best Move Towards Stronger Security
Evolving security threats and emerging attack vectors often drive security teams to implement specialised technologies. Sometimes this tendency comes from a preference for pursuing a "separation of duties" strategy. More often, though, security professionals implement the first new solution that they find. Both approaches can have their benefits. Unfortunately, both also lead to complex security architectures, with fragmented controls that often miss the same evolving attacks and emerging threat vectors that the new systems were meant to detect and prevent.

Improve your Security with the new Check Point Compliance Software Blade
According to Gartner, 90% of security breaches could have been prevented had security devices been configured correctly. Check Point is the first Network Security vendor to embed within their products clear guidance on how to securely configure their Software Blades. This knowledge is delivered using the new Compliance Blade which contains hundreds of security best practices helping Network Security Administrators to better manage security. Find out more in this 45-minute webinar with our presenter Jeremy Kaye, Head of Compliance and Regulations.


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