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Check Point Legacy Products Update


Check Point recently reviewed their Support Life Cycle policy and announced a number of appliances that will be going
end-of-sale later this year.

What does this mean?

Check Point provides a comprehensive support lifecycle for its appliances, including Software and Operating System support. The appliance and all software versions are fully supported until a successor product has become available. The latest version of the software that was installed on the appliance, is fully supported until 1 year after Successor Product Availability date announcement.

Engineering support maintenance releases/bug fixes are supplied until 3 years after Successor Product availability date announcement. Software upgrades will be supplied until 5 years after Successor Product Availability Announcement to handle support issues. New Software releases may require the purchase of hardware upgrades by the customer.

Once an appliance reaches End-of-Sale date, these appliances will be removed from the Check Point price list and not be available to purchase any longer. Technical assistance will be available up to 5 years from when the Successor Product availability announcement date is made.

What to do?

Why not upgrade your customer to the latest Check Point appliance? Take advantage of Check Point’s Trade-in Promotion which will give you up to 25% discount off the new appliance and earn an additional $200 voucher for every successful upgrade order placed onto Westcon between now and 30th June 2017.

What products are going end of sale?

Please refer to updated Check Point life cycle policy here:

Does the customer have to upgrade their product?

Check Point continue to support their legacy products for 5 years following their end-of-sale announcements, however the cost to keep this product under support is likely to rise as the product nears its end-of-support life. Once a product does reach end-of-support, maintenance contracts will no longer be renewed and an upgrade product will be required to be purchased.

Already renewed support on your customer’s Legacy product this year?

Check Point will credit the portion of ‘un-used’ support on your trade-in product towards the support cost of your new product. i.e if you have just purchased a renewal from 1st March 2017 – 1st March 2018 you will be credited with the maintenance from the date that the PO is received until the end of the support date you have purchased.


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