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Avaya and our authorized distributors are ready to deliver the solutions, training, tools, programs and resources you need to close more business and exceed customer expectations.
We are looking for established organizations with dedicated sales, technical and marketing resources. All it takes is a few simple steps to start you on the road to reselling Avaya solutions.
Step 1: Fill out an application
Complete the online form below, accept the Avaya terms and conditions, and provide the names and roles of key contacts in your company. Make sure you have your business identification numbers ready (chamber of commerce ID, company tax ID, VAT).
If you have any questions or problems with the application form, please         email us and indicate the country you are from so we may assist you appropriately.
Step 2: Select a Distributor
Review our list of authorized distributors, located in the resource sections below. Avaya partners may purchase from any or all of our authorized distributors, but most partners find it advantageous to identify a primary distributor.
Step 3: Complete the Authorization Requirements for Sales & Design
Avaya Connect requirements and authorization policies create a purposeful barrier to entry so that only committed, competent, partners can sell our solutions. As a result, we have tightly controlled distribution through fewer than 10,00 partners worldwide. 
New partners have up to 180 days to complete the credentials that satisfy the minimum competency requirements:
1. Minimum Sales Credentials
Employ at least two (2) Avaya Professional Sales Specialists (APSS) per solution, per country
2. Minimum Design Credentials
Employ at least one (1) Avaya Professional Design Specialist (APDS) per solution. This resource may be centralized for country, theatre, or global support
Details regarding the Avaya Professional Credentials referenced above can be found at
Step 4: Start selling Avaya products & services!
Enjoy the partner profitability offered by Avaya wholesale discounts, allowing our partners to deliver a competitive street price without relying on time-consuming rebate processing. Additionally, our program requires less partner investment  than many competitor programs. So you hit the road faster, start selling sooner, and make significant margins on the Avaya portfolio. What are you waiting for!



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