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Radvision is now an Avaya company


Dear Valued Partner:


We have exciting news: Radvision is now an Avaya company! Together, we can deliver easy and affordable, anytime, anywhere, any-device video collaboration for enterprises of any size.


Radvision brings a robust set of ad-hoc and scheduled room-based videoconferencing systems, desktop and mobile consumer devices - all running on Avaya's unified communications architecture and networking infrastructure. This strategic acquisition helps position partners like you to deliver video collaboration solutions that enable faster collaboration, smarter decisions and better business. The Radvision products add to the market differentiation for the Avaya portfolio, providing you with the opportunity to grow revenue more quickly with both new and existing customers.


We are counting on you to help reinforce our key messages. Our "no-barriers" approach to video collaboration:

  • Delivers easy-to-use video with intuitive collaboration.
  • Enables anywhere, anytime, any-device video.
  • Simplifies and reduces the cost of today's complex video networks.

Avaya is already working to integrate Radvision's video infrastructure and endpoints with our Avaya Aura® platform, and we expect to add new interoperability features and functionality in the next 120 days. You can learn more about our plans for the Radvision portfolio by attending the locally scheduled roadmap webcast (see details below).


Also in the next 120 days, Avaya plans to add the Radvision video solution to the Avaya Connect partner program with generally available sales and design credentials and authorizations. Until the Avaya Connect and Radvision partner programs are integrated, both programs will be run separately. Avaya Connect partners are encouraged to refer video opportunities to Radvision partners through your Avaya Channel Account Manager. In July, the Radvision partners will be available through the Partner Finder feature in PRM Partner View. You can find details on the Rules of Engagement in the Q&A document.


For more information about the integration plans and how to position our joint solutions with customers, please take advantage of the following resources:


  • Read the press release to understand the basics.
  • Learn the key data details available in the Q&A and Talking Points documents, and use them to answer questions from customers and prospects.
  • Share the news!
    • Download the customer email, personalize it and send to your customers as soon as possible.
    • Use the customer-facing presentation with your clients to help them understand how they can benefit from these flexible, affordable solutions.
    • Add this locally scheduled Video Roadmap webcast to your Outlook calendar (U.S, Canada and CALAEMEAAPAC) and find out more about our plans for product interoperability and the portfolio.

    This represents a powerful opportunity for you and your customers. Working together, I know we can make the most of it!





    Tom Mitchell
    Senior Vice President & President
    Avaya Go to Market


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