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Avaya launches content syndication

Avaya Content Syndication comes to your website!

Dear Partner,

We are excited to announce the newest enhancement to our Avaya Marketing family of self-service marketing programs and tools. On February 1st we are announcing the launch of the Avaya Content Syndication program. This new service will provide you, our valued partners, with the ability to access and syndicate the latest Avaya product information that is available directly to your website! The Avaya Content Syndication program will deliver a rich set of features that will easily enhance your existing website.

Features and Benefits

Avaya Content Syndication enables you to customize your website with the latest Avaya product content including Unified Communications, Contact Center, Networking and SME products. This product content will be extremely relevant to your customers, and your site will synchronize automatically when new and/or updated content is released by Avaya. You will only need to create your co-branding profile once and the service will also dynamically update all co-brandable materials on your site with your company logo and information.

Next Steps

Login to the Avaya Content Syndication Portal and you will find Step by Step instructions to subscribe (sign-up) to the program and start syndicating Avaya product content. The entire subscription and syndication process will take ten minutes or less. This will allow you access to the new service and then select the campaigns and product information most relevant to your business.

Click on this link to start:



If you have any questions or need support for the Avaya Content Syndication Program, please contact TieKinetix at For general questions regarding the Avaya Content Syndication program, please contact your Avaya Channel, Marketing or Field Marketing Manager

Launch Timeline

The service will begin syndication on February 1st and will be available upon the activation of the program. All active Avaya partners are eligible to syndicate the Avaya content, and the syndication is FREE! Our easy to use process will require you to only take a few simple steps to get you up and running.

Thank you for your partnership! We look forward to driving success together.


Customer Service Team

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