Westcon and Juniper SRX1500 and Sky ATP promotion

17/02/2017 – 30/06/2017

For a limited time, Westcon and Juniper are offering a special promotion on SRX1500 and Sky ATP.

Buy SRX1500 and 1 year or 3 Years of Sky ATP Premium Subscription, and get Junos Space and Security Director Security Management platform for FREE.

Eligible partners will qualify for a 100% discount on Junos Space Network Management and Security Director when purchasing at least 1 unit of SRX1500 and 1-Year or 3-Years Sky ATP Premium subscription.

Must purchase either option:


Option 1 - At least 1 SRX 1500 (both hardware and software) and
1 Year Sky ATP Premium
(See Table A)

- OR -

Option 2 - At least 1 SRX 1500 (both hardware and software) and
3 Years Sky ATPPremium
(See Table A)

  • Both SRX Hardware and corresponding security software must be purchased to qualify (See Table A)
  • Purchase of either option 1 or 2 will entitle the J Partner to the FREE Junos Space and SecurityDirector Security Management Platform
  • See Table B for the FREE Junos Space and Security Director Security Management Platform
  • SRX1500 and Sky ATP must be purchased on the same PO as Junos Space and Security Directorto get the promotional discount on management.
  • Limit one Junos Space Network Management Platform and one Junos Space Security Director 5-Device License per eligible end customer.
  • SVC and PAR are not included in this promotion. These have to be purchased separately.

Table A: Eligible SRX Platforms


Table A: Eligible HW



SRX1500 with 16x1G, 4x10G (SFP+) on-board ports, 1x AC PSU and 120GB SSD


SRX1500 Juniper Secure Edge software with Firewall, NAT, IPSec, Routing, Switching, MPLS and Application Security services (require SRX1500-AC to complete)


1 year subscription for Sky Advanced Threat Protection on SRX1500


3 year subscription for Sky Advanced Threat Protection on SRX1500


For discounted pricing and quotes, please click here.

Promotion valid until 30 June 2017. For full terms and conditions click here.

For further information please contact Aaron Talbot on


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