Check Point Exclusive Deal Registration Promotion

10/02/2017 – 30/06/2017


Exclusive Deal Registration Promotion
(Up to 25 Points Discount)

Valid until June 30, 2017

Check point is now offering the most lucrative discount for its partners.

Receive up to 25 Deal Registration points discount on the following deals above $20K:

  • 25% New Customer
  • 15% Competitive Replacements
  • 15% Emerging Technology Deals

How to use the promotion?

  1. Enter PartnerMAP -> Sales Tools -> Register a New Deal
  2. Your deal information will be verified by Check Point's representatives
  3. To check your Deal Reg status, enter "My Deal Registrations"
  4. Place an order, your deal registration will be secure for 90 days
  5. Write the Deal registration ID on the PO submitted to Check Point

Good Luck and Good Selling!


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