Webinar: Don't Get Stuck In Rewind - Replace Your Tape

8/04/16 1:00 PM – 8/04/16 2:00 PM


According to Gartner, 67% of companies are still using tape in their backup environment. Tape is expensive to maintain and every recovery effort risks data loss. NetApp AltaVault can help companies save time and money by simplifying business, speeding-up data transfers, and freeing-up IT personnel for other projects.

Seize this opportunity to help your clients save time and overhead by leaving the tape behind and embracing the convenience of AltaVault,
whilst still increasing your own wallet share.

Join us on Friday 8th April at 1:00PM AEST / 3:00pm NZST and hear how you can get your piece of the Cloud thanks to NetApp AltaVault:

  • Leverage complementary solutions – AltaVault supports most backup applications as well as public and private cloud storage providers, offering to make it easy for you to upsell or cross sell to your existing accounts
  • Solve your customer strategic problem of managing data in a hybrid cloud and putting control back into their hands
  • Gain competitive advantage – Backup solutions are in the critical paths and provide you with the opportunity to support your clients growing data management needs
  • Increase margins by selling additional professional services – from installation and design to implementation – expand your revenue swiftly and easily

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